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ML Quinn

Research & Grant Writing In West Virginia

GrantStars is owned and operated by ML Quinn. She has earned a reputation as a collaborative, coalition-building partner in the grant writing process.

Serving both the public and private sectors, ML Quinn’s work involves strategic planning for grant seeking and writing West Virginia grants, as well as regional and national grants to meet community needs. Working with ML means funding from government agencies, foundations, and private companies.


Committed to Getting Grants

At GrantStars, we are not starry-eyed about the process of successful grant writing. It’s a detailed and time-consuming process that requires thorough research, careful writing, and exceptional knowledge that can only be acquired with experience. For over 25 years, owner ML (Maud Lee) Quinn has received more than $32 million for West Virginia.

As a West Virginia native, Quinn understands the unique set of needs faced by residents of rural America. She is passionate about helping her clients receive the grant funding that can help address everyone’s right to a safe, healthy and enjoyable life.

At GrantStars, the real stars of the show are our clients—those who work to improve the lives of West Virginians. We are committed to getting the grant funding they need to match an organization’s passion and vision.