Tailoring Grants to Needs

Profile of ML Quinn

ML Quinn, the owner of GrantStars, first tried her hand at grant writing while earning her Master of Social Work at Boston University. After graduation, she started a New Hampshire-based consulting company that specialized in grants for housing and other programs. Since returning to her hometown of Clarksburg, West Virginia, in the early 1990s, Quinn has used her skills in writing grant applications while working for local governments, the school board, and the housing authority to bring in over $32 million to her area.

ML Quinn

New Programs from Grant Applications

  • Interoperable communications

  • Emergency management/preparedness

  • K-12 education - distance learning, safety in schools, PROs’

  • Community-based corrections

  • Courthouse improvements and security

  • Special events

  • Recreational equipment

  • Airport improvements

  • Community mental health programs


6-wheel Ranger utility vehicle for back country rescues obtained via grants for Harrison County Emergency Services.

When clients contract with GrantStars, we work with them every step of the way throughout the grant writing process.

  • Identify potential funders, based on a community’s needs and priorities.

  • Analyze application requirements in relation to a client’s capacity.

  • Create a compelling application, working together with the client on program design and budget.

  • Assist in establishing the infrastructure for an organization to successfully manage all its grants.

Quinn says “My personal goal is to help get the money for new projects in the areas that need them.”

ML Quinn Discusses GrantStars

Meet ML Quinn:

Up-to-Date Writing Trends

GrantStars offers tailored, user-friendly services to help meet clients’ grant writing needs. We are up to date on the latest trends in grant writing and current grammar and we will make sure a completed proposal meets all requirements in an attractive package.